Friday, March 9, 2007

Sausage Flowers on Rice

What's in my son's dinner plate yesterday?
The 'petals' are sliced sausages (slightly saute) and the stems are Kai Lan stems I wokked yesterday too.


  1. Hey there, just passing through, and admiring your prettily displayed cooking!

    I think I would've eaten anything my mum put in front of me as a kid if only it looked like that :)

  2. You really pamper your son hor...everyday got such pretty and delicious food. ;p

  3. Panda eyes,
    Thanks for dropping by! ^_- Do visit again.


    No lah. ;p It's bcos he's a real fussy eater and meal time was really unpleasant too. I have to nag for him to take every bite. I end up not having dinner myself bcos I'll be too angry to eat. ;p

    I tried to 'decorate' his meal once and it worked. No more nagging. So now I will try to think of ways to make his meals interesting. ^_-

  4. Wah! wokking mum
    Such a pretty dish arh! Everyday got a mother like you to pamper me very good leh! My meals would look this pretty! hehe.....

  5. really good in 'decorate' your meal..It look great. I think kids sure will love to eat meal like that..already impress them at the very 1st look..

  6. eastcoastlife, msaufong,
    Thanks! As long as my kids eat, I dont mind spending time 'decorating' thier meals. It's kinda fun actually.

  7. Does Trenyce sit down nicely and eats with Korkor too? :)

    I realise korkor likes chicken cutlet huh... :)

  8. Mdm 2359
    Yes, we 3 (excluding PaPa) eat dinner together.

    Yah, he love chicken as long as it's fried.