Thursday, January 29, 2015

{ Little Lunch Box #84 }

The little one ask if I could make one of her favourites burger for her lunch.  How could I reject her?

It's actually THIS burger but I topped it with homemade Mentaiko sauce.   She actually reminded me to torch the sauce.  =_=||

I don't have a lunch box that is big enough to hold burgers.   So, I always either wrapped it up with pretty printed foil or use a take away container.

I shared how I did one HERE before.  The one I did today is a little different as the take away container is a little shorter and the bun is actually touching the bottom (in this case, the top).  So I had to use another method. 

You should be able to see clearly what was done.  Just 2 holes close to one another on opposite sides. 

Now, you may ask why not just one hole?  Well, you may recalled me saying the bun was touching the top.  If I had only made one hole, the string/ribbon will have to run past the 2 holes.  I don't want the bun to be touching the string.  :)

And so, a carrying case for my kitty bun is done.  And off we go to school.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

{ Little Lunch Box #83 }

The little one's ASP ends later today so I decided to pack her with a more filling lunch box.

I'm planning to make Seafood Noodle Soup today, so I bought some prawns.  I picked the smallest prawns and decided to use them to play a bit the little one's lunch. 

The idea was to make a lamb.  Alas, it wasn't a very convincing one.  Well, at least I know the little one will enjoy her lunch as it packed with all her favourite food.

It has rice ball with, button mushroom, broccoli, meatballs and of course 2 little prawns.

Monday, January 26, 2015

{ Little Lunch Box #82 } 小饭盒

It's a brand new week!

I had a great weekend cos I was able to catch up on an extra couple of hours of sleep!  Yay!  (God I'm looking a lot like a panda now.)

I hope you had a great weekend too!  I'm already looking forward to the coming weekend!  Time for me now, passes by at light speed.  So yeah, the weekend will be here without me realising.

So, are you feeling a little crabby today because of the Monday Blues?  This little crab is not feeling crabby at all.  She's all  ready to get eaten, along with her little fishy friend. :P

The crab's body is a "bread bun".  You can see how it's done HERE.  The claws are sausages secured using spaghetti. The 8 legs are from the bread crust.

So there you go. Hope you have a good week ahead!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

{ Little Lunch Box #81 }

The third After School Programme for the week.  And no.  My brain still doesn't want to wake up.

Since I had some left over rice still warming in the rice cooker, I used them to make Egg Crepe Kani Maki.

I sprinkled on both sides of the individual pieces of maki with Nori Flakes for added fragrance.  Sides are Edamame.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

{ Little Lunch Box #80 }

What? It's Lunch Box day again?  But I haven't have enough time to warm up my brain.

Never mind, the little one wouldn't mind have toast for lunch break, especially if I have added her favourite cremini mushrooms in there.

I shaped the bread into a round one to make it more fun.  Well, actually, so it could fit in the lunch box I'm using. :P  I included edible "toadstool" apples too. (Can you see them in the background?)

Toasts were "rested" before I pack them.  Don't have them to get soggy.  I added a quail egg to one of the toasts too.

By the way, I'm using THIS RECIPE.  Except, I added 4 cremini mushrooms, sliced, to the original recipe and instead of having that many steps, I only had 2 steps. Mix ALL the ingredients together before spreading on the bread.  After which, you toast it. 

Works fine! :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

{ Little Lunch Box #79 }

School reopened not too long ago. 

It's a lot more tiring for me now that I have one child in the secondary school and the other in the the primary school. This means, for sure, lesser beauty sleep for me (and I don't have the habit of napping in the afternoon. Neither do I have the chance to do it).

The elder one returns home "as and when",  making cooking so difficult.  More on that if I have the chance to rant.

Anyways, after school programme (extra lessons) has started for the little one. For some reasons, she only has about 15 to 20 mins break time for the first few lessons.  So, lunch in school need to be really simple, knowing she takes forever to finish her food.  (And also I need time to warm up. :P )

So, it's just her favourite, Egg Mayo Sandwiches. :)