Friday, February 25, 2011

Krispies Meat Balls 米香肉圆

I'm back! I have been really busy with my kids since school started. Everyday is a mad day for me. It didn't help that I have this persistent cough for almost 3 months that just won't go away. I hope I'll have more time to recuperate and hopefully squeeze in some time to blog. (I still have lots of recipes pending to post!) 

For diners who send me your questions, I'll try to reply them as soon as I can. Sorry for the long wait.

Now, back to what I'm going to share. What you see here is just simple meat balls except I used something else for the coating. It made the meat balls extra crispy.

It's Rice Krispies! Yes, those you have as breakfast cereals. Someone gave me a box for my kids but they didn't like it as it's tasted 'blah'. They didn't like it with milk either as it turned soggy very fast. I didn't want to waste it and so it went to my kitchen experiments. ;P  And it's really very easy to do too!

What I used here for the meat balls were minced pork, fish paste, crab stick and water-chestnuts. Season the mixture with salt and pepper. I have fish paste here, hence I did not use corn flour. The fish paste will hold all the ingredients together. However, if you would like to leave that out, you will have to add some corn flour to the mixture.

Thereafter, oil your hands (so the mixture won't stick on your hands) and shape some mixture into balls. Set them aside. Coat all the meat balls with the rice krispies and deep fry them in low fire. When they turn lightly brown, remove and drain them well. And there you have it, crispy krispies meat balls!

Do try it. I bet it will be a hit with kids. My kids love it! And so do I. :)