Monday, January 19, 2015

{ Little Lunch Box #79 }

School reopened not too long ago. 

It's a lot more tiring for me now that I have one child in the secondary school and the other in the the primary school. This means, for sure, lesser beauty sleep for me (and I don't have the habit of napping in the afternoon. Neither do I have the chance to do it).

The elder one returns home "as and when",  making cooking so difficult.  More on that if I have the chance to rant.

Anyways, after school programme (extra lessons) has started for the little one. For some reasons, she only has about 15 to 20 mins break time for the first few lessons.  So, lunch in school need to be really simple, knowing she takes forever to finish her food.  (And also I need time to warm up. :P )

So, it's just her favourite, Egg Mayo Sandwiches. :)

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