Thursday, January 29, 2015

{ Little Lunch Box #84 }

The little one ask if I could make one of her favourites burger for her lunch.  How could I reject her?

It's actually THIS burger but I topped it with homemade Mentaiko sauce.   She actually reminded me to torch the sauce.  =_=||

I don't have a lunch box that is big enough to hold burgers.   So, I always either wrapped it up with pretty printed foil or use a take away container.

I shared how I did one HERE before.  The one I did today is a little different as the take away container is a little shorter and the bun is actually touching the bottom (in this case, the top).  So I had to use another method. 

You should be able to see clearly what was done.  Just 2 holes close to one another on opposite sides. 

Now, you may ask why not just one hole?  Well, you may recalled me saying the bun was touching the top.  If I had only made one hole, the string/ribbon will have to run past the 2 holes.  I don't want the bun to be touching the string.  :)

And so, a carrying case for my kitty bun is done.  And off we go to school.