Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Animal Rice with Tomato Sauce Face

My girl was extremely clingy yesterday, making me really difficult to wok. I had no choice to wok really fast and simple stuff for my boy and we, adults, had sort of 'instant' food which my mother-in-law bought from her friend (see next post).

What's on the dinner plate:
Neat Trick:
For those who are curious how I decorated the rice with tomato sauce, here's the trick:
  1. Pour some tomato sauce into a plastic bag.
  2. Make sure the tomato sauce is all in one corner.
  3. Twist the plastic bag to sort of lock the sauce into a ball, so you can hold it in you palm.
  4. Have a tiny cut on the corner. The smaller the cut, the thiner the sauce line will be.
  5. Gentle give the bag a squeeze and the sauce will flow out.
  6. Now you can decorate your food with it.


  1. wahhh lauuuuu!!!! u are really creative! i really gotta hand it to you.....

    love the smiley faces u created for the "animal rice". more reference for me and hubby!! keep them coming keep them coming!!! We tried one session and both of us enjoyed the process of preparing the food.

    a pity is.. i can't find the punchers at the popular that i went :(

  2. I found your blog on the mom's site and when I read this blog with my daughter and she saw the picture, she said, "Mama, next time make this for me!" You are really creative! :) The animals are so cute!!!

  3. Another masterpiece! You do better than those "display sets" in those Jap. restaurants! Somemore, yours is edible :p

  4. Ivy,
    I need more inspirations to come up with more ideas leh. I at my wits liao leh.

    Glad you & your hubby had fun. Hopefully you will get hooked on Wokking! It's a good hobby. ;p

    I think Carl Craft Punchers has a branch or a shop that teaches pple to do craft using it in United Square. It has been a couple of years since I last when there. If you are anywhere near there, maybe you can have a look. I think it on the higher floors.

    Thanks for visiting and your comments. Give it a try. I think your daughter will love it. ;)

    Thanks! Pai say!

  5. wah first time i came to this site! u r really true to ur name..wokkingmom! wow! so creative and best part is u actually put effort in decorating the food! me? don't eat? nvm..!hahahaha

  6. Laundryamah
    1st time here? Welcome! Welcome!
    I like to wok and I'm a mum so ... wokkingmum lor and it sounds like 'working'mum also ... hehehe

    My son skinny and very choosy with food mah so no choice. Just do what I can to fatten him up lor. ;p