Friday, March 30, 2007

Macaroni in Chicken Soup

We had an unexpected guest today and we were chatting and chatting ... and the kids were playing and playing ... They didn't take their afternoon nap until much later. By the time I settled the kids, it was already close to 5pm. So it's macaroni today.

Luckily, I still have my homemade broth meant to make my daughter's porridge. Macaroni is simple yet still yummy. It's not that bad lah, really, because of the broth lah.

I wokked Alphabet Macaroni, the only macaroni my kids eat, with chicken broth and I added carrot, fish cake and chopped Cai Xin.


  1. yum oso want to eat. hehe

    hey mind to share how u prepare the chick broth?

  2. I love chicken macaroni soup, though I'm not so young anymore lah. Seems that this is considered children's food ler!

  3. Jazzmint,
    Ok, I post it.

    Ya lor, like consider children's food or eat when you are sick kind of food. LOL