Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Unagi Don

My mother-in-law bought this Teriyaki Eel and a few more others stuff from her friend and pass it to us because she doesn't eat all these stuff lah. I think they call it Unagi although the packing say otherwise. Anyway, they look and tasted like Unagi.

This is really simple to prepare. Just remove the other packing, heat the inner one which is with the eel in a pot of boiling water. Remove and serve with rice. It doesn't taste that bad. I just find it too soft/thin. Maybe it will be better if I had served them as Nigiri instead.

We had rice with this Unagi, Miso Soup and Wakame Salad yesterday.


  1. Oh.. that is anago... another type of fish that look and taste like unagi, very rare here, but easily to obtain at Japan ( i think so ) this is what my friend told me...

    P.S Thanks for visiting my side

  2. Jolene
    Really? Thanks for the info. Really can't tell eating it. Hmm, then I should change the title of this post ... too lazy. ;p

  3. you are welcome... lol
    i think im addicted to ur blog now... u r such a good cook and omg so creative.....

  4. Jolene
    Thanks for the comments. ;p
    You are always welcome here! As long as you dont mind my humble little eats ;)

  5. im enjoying all the foods u cook, is so nice and cute... ah dont feel like putting it into the mouth...

  6. Jolene
    Hahaha ... okay then visit more often ;)