Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Fried Rice

I'm busy shifting furniture and packing rooms today. I had to move the children's bed from the playroom to the master bedroom for my daugghter because the playpen she sleeps in is now so torn up that she can roll out of it.

I'm so tied up with the housework that I have little time left for cooking for 4 of us. So today we are ALL having the same thing - Fried Rice. Today's Fried Rice is slightly different. The ingredients I used were Carrot, Pea, Baby Corn and Sausage and the egg is on the outside.

PS. In case you do not know, I sometimes have to cook many dishes for the 4 of us. It maybe be up to 5 different dishes. You should know, my son has his own meal. My daughter too eat differently from us sometimes. My hubby and me have different taste, so when I cook some dishes that my hubby doesn't eat, I would cook another one just for him. Anyways, everyone will have 2 dishes and a soup for dinner. Troublesome huh?

Additional Note:
Someone (Babylon) asked me in my tag board how I folded the egg. Yah, I should have put this down. Thanks for asking, Babylon!

  • Put the egg in a bowl. Don't use a big bowl. Use one that is enough for the rice.
  • Fill in the rice.
  • Fold the remaining egg inwards, covering the rice.
  • Pull a plate over it and turn it over. This is why I advise not to use a big bowl. If your bowl is big, you won't be able to do this.
  • Cut the egg open with a knife.


  1. siong! Now you become PERSONAL chef to everyone in the family. They must appreciate you.
    This is the real "dan pao fun" (eggs wrapped rice)....I want to eat!

  2. Tigerfish
    Ya lor. I don't mind cooking but I hate the washing. Can you image how much things I have to wash during the process and after dinner? So sian leh. Chef don't wash leh. hahaha.

    My son ate the 饭 but never eat 蛋 and my daughter ate the 饭 and 蛋 but made me pick all the rest of the ingredients out. You see lah!

  3. Wow very siong leh. I very stern with my boys, eat whatever given or nothing. But sometimes, I still like rubbish bin, taking in what they don't fancy. You great mummy to Warren. Twins want to trade mummy liao.

  4. Wah... how do u manage to cook 4-5 dishes everyday?!? You must be very creative!! BTW, you can always eat for lunch what your hubby doesn't eat ya?

  5. Joanne
    I use to be like that but then he really dont eat. Only Rice and Soup. Then how? No choice lor.
    No lah, Twins won't want to trade. Bcos this mommy wont bring them to the playground. hehehe!

    I have to plan what to cook and which to cook first to cut down washing the wok ;p No lah, not that creative.

    We don't eat over-night food leh. Maybe except of 鲁蛋. But I try to cook little of each dish so there is min wastage.

  6. Wah... very complicated leh - I think my egg will end up in the fried rice also lol. Well done, WM.

  7. Doris
    It's not that difficult maybe I can't explain well ;p

    Next time, I'll that photos on the steps and post it.

  8. ha ha my idea of going to the playground is to exhaust their energy and then they will clean up their dinner cos they will be hungry then.

  9. Joanne
    but then I will be too exhasted to cook too! LOL

  10. Wow I salute you...cook so many dishes for a meal. The most I ever cooked is 1 vege, 1 meat and 1 soup :p and everyone eats what I cook....of course, I have to ensure what I cook is what everyone eat so, not much creativity from the chef as it almost the same few dishes :p

  11. Mdm 2359

    Sometime I just crave for something my family dont eat like ladies' finger. Then no choice lor. Have to still cook other dishes for the rest mah.