Thursday, March 29, 2007

Apple Carvings

You probably must be wondering what happens after the Mushroom Apple. Why no more apples shown here anymore? So here you are! Some of the apple slices that were served.


  1. This is so pretty! A lot of love and patience must have gone into cutting your apples! I think if I did that,by the time I finish, my apples would have turned brown!

  2. Apples your boy also no eat and want to see patterns one arh? buahahahah!
    But you're really creative. I am too lazy to do that :O

  3. simcooks
    Thanks! It's quite fast once you get the hang of it and soak in salted water to prevent them from turning brown too ;)

    Oh, he eats but without the skin. This is just for fun. I do it if I have extra time. It's more fun to eat!

  4. wahh so nice. you are really so creative.