Tuesday, March 27, 2007

... the mouse went up the clock

Hickory hickory dock, the mouse went up the clock ... er, *ahem* Not rhyme time huh.

Anyways, my son had a clock and some mice for dinner today hahaha .... along with Steam Egg Custard and Niang Tau Fu Soup. When he was about to have his dinner, I realised I had forgotten about his vegetables which was still 'in process'. Sigh! So no veggie for him today.

For the Niang Tau Fu Soup, I just buy the things he likes and cooked with some broth. It just that simple.


  1. This is tooo cute to eat!

  2. I really 'fok' you till "五體頭地"... hahaha... not onli can make flowers, plans... etc.. Clock also can make...

    You really have the talent on this, and a very creative brain...

    wondering how much time you spend on preparing dinner for your family? Yr dotta no kacau you during yr wokking time? Pasar/market near yr hse? you go every morning with yr dotta to buy the ingredient? I really cannot figure out how you manage your time.. 勁﹗

  3. Shooi,
    be like my son ... eat that last. heehee

    My Life Zone,
    :p thanks! I do whatever comes to my mind ..

    My timetable is very very packed. I only make lunch for my girl. Me & my son eat out for lunch. For dinner, I have to prepare and wok whatever I can when my girl is taking nap. Before eating then do the sauce. So min. disturbance. Hahaha. Do other housework like laundry at night when the kids sleep lor.

    Yap, we will go market after sending my son to school.

  4. Aiyoo, so creative la you!! Anyone approach you to be their cook in a restaurant ah???!