Saturday, March 24, 2007

Type of flour and their uses

Mama Seah asked me about the different types of flour and their uses in my tag board.

That really started me thinking. What's their individual use huh? There are really many different types of flour. Different cuisine uses different flour. I read in a magazine, Italian uses Semolina Flour to make pasta.

Here are the flour I know and how I use them.
All the flour listed here, except of Glutinous Rice Flour (I'm not too sure), are used in baking too!

The essential flour in my wokking are All-Purpose Flour, Rice Flour and Corn Flour. I use a lot of these 3 flour.

The other flour I have in my kitchen store is Top Flour. I use that to make muffins (using a muffin maker) and no bake cookies (using frying pan). I think it great for cakes too (I won't know because I don't bake. Hahaha)

Then there are Cake Flour, Pastry Flour, Bread Flour, Self Raising Flour, etc. All these are flour used in Baking. Probably, Angeleyes will know better lah.

Hope this information is useful.


  1. wahh that's a lot to remember...

    frying pan can make cookies meh?? teach me teach me! your blog has become my weekend survival manual!

  2. Ivy,
    Just stick to All-purpose Flour for cooking. You wont get it wrong. ;)

    Frying pan can make cookies. Yes! I did that a few times. That was at least more than 6 mths ago. I will find the recipe and to do it. See whether I can get it right then share okay?

  3. hmmm....very good infor...I normally use tapioca flour in my cooking..havnt tried corn flour before..wonder what difference does it make....shldnt be right? both is for making our food a bit more starchy :p

    I am thinking of making wanton this week...normally I make use of tapioca flour to prevent them from you think all-purpose flour will be better?

  4. Mdm 2359
    My mum also prefer tapioco flour to thicken sauce and soup. It's the same unless it's use to make kueh or for baking. I like corn flour bcos it's more convenient for me - I buy the butterfly brand which come in a tin mah. But I find using potato flour, the soup can stay starchy longer leh.

    Wanton ah? Not very sure leh. I use ready-made wanton skin leh. But I think the flour they used to dust on the wonton skin is AP flour leh. Maybe can try that?

  5. I have a question - what is "motor car" flour? I am trying to make a Singaporean prawn recipe and it calls for "motor car flour" in addition to "glutinious flour" which I assume is Thai glutinious rice flour? Any thoughts you have would be great.

  6. Matt, I have no idea what is "motor car" flour. My guess is it's the brand of the flour. I'm not sure if there's much difference between the glutinous flour. I think you can use regular glutinous rice flour which is to add "stickiness" to whatever you are going to make. Hope I'm of some help.

  7. Motorcar flour mean Potato Starch. Previously the chef named it from the picture on the packing.