Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Marimo Rice

Who that look at you?

I hurt my right shoulder on Sunday carrying my daughter using the sarong. Now even lifting the spatula is a bit painful. So I took a break on Monday from wokking. We had Shredded Chicken Porridge yesterday. That didn't take much effort.

My mother in law's friend was selling some frozen food and she felt obligated to buy. She doesn't eat these stuff, so she passed them to us. I tried the Deep Fried Chicken with Seaweed. I don't find it tasty but I guess kids will like it with some tomato sauce.

To make up for the lack of dishes today, I made for my son a cute Marimo on his rice. I think it's cute with 2 eyes looking at him as he eats. Pressuring him to eat, more like it. Hahaha! The only think I wokked is Vegetable Soup in Miso.


  1. You still carry her with the sarong huh? I couldnt even carry Trenyce for more than 20mins after she turned 18 mths, about 15kg.

    Better take care yah! :)

  2. I'll carry her if she refuse to sit in the pram otherwise it's chaotic for us if she walks. ;p She is quite 'light' only about 11 kg now, so I thot I would still managed. Maybe carry too long ...
    But it's better now, thanks!

  3. Hi there! Visiting your blog for the first time. Got to know you through GroupRecipes :)

    This is sure a fun way to make kids eat. Will browse your other entries soon.


  4. Simcooks
    I've been to your blog before. It's very good!

    Yah, I tried to make it a bit more interesting and fun so my son will eat more.

    Thanks for visiting. ;)