Monday, March 26, 2007

Ham Daisy

Another boring Monday meal. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will come up with something better for you okay, son? I'll be able to think better if you don't annoy me everyday lah. Do that for a change will you? Please?

Be a good boy and just eat the mushrooms and tofu okay?


  1. So nice still say boring.
    Can your boy really remember each presentation of dish he has eaten? What if it's a repeat?

  2. you call this boring? Aiyo..I never able to come up with such creative meal for my kids...I'm lazy

  3. Tigerfish, DragonMummy,
    I really find it boring! My mind was like a blank, really dont know what to make for him and I want something fast, so anyhow humtam. ;p

    Yes he can remember. Sometimes he will make certain request.

  4. looks yummy to me....

    wondering you sure have a lot of 'tools' for the shape cutting.. hehe... all the food in yr hand become flowers.. trees.. form a nice pixture...

  5. Aiyoh, if everyday get such 'boring' dish, i dun mind wor!! Yum Yum!! :P

  6. My Life Zone,
    I have a big container of cookie cutters, big, medium, small ... I used to use them for paint printing with my son when he was younger mah.

    Pix ah. Not as nice lah. ;p Thanks!

    Hahaha ... kids wont think like this wor.

  7. o me goodness! how can this be boring?? it's so creative! oooo...i wonder what will my son's reaction be if i do way...