Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rice Burger

My hubby is having dinner with his boss. So this means I will cook light today. The food I have prepared to cook of dinner today have to be kept for tomorrow.

I still crave for Teriyaki Chicken so I had Teriyaki Chicken Rice Burger. It's very much the same as the Teriyaki Chicken Burger except the bun is replaced by a piece of rice. But it's so much messier to eat. I ended up wrapping it in cling wrap to cut down the mess.

My son had a similar rice burger except his was with Pork Patties and tomato sauce instead of mayonnaise.


  1. Tigerfish.
    yah, bun is much easier. Rice is too messy but it was very tasty!

  2. wah looks so too preeti to be creative one...sure tempted la..the little children...sapu all your food.

  3. mommy of 2 angels,
    Thanks. ;p
    But sad to say, it's not always finished. But as long as I dont have to nag to get him to bite, I'm happy. ;)

  4. wah... i bet these tastes more yummier than MOS burger *winks*

  5. Waah ... not lah, Momo but thanks har! hehe

  6. i love your ideas! my son is very picky with right now i'm busy exploring ideas to make more creative food! rafa mom