Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Natural Toner - Rose Water

You must be wondering why am I having a post on Toner. Isn't that a beauty thingy? I know this is a food blog but I have to share this because the weather nowadays is terrible and I thought our skin needs feeding of 'natural food' too.

Few years ago, there was this grand opening of a beauty parlour at my place and they were having this one time trial promotion at a very cheap rate. During that time, I only had a child and since it was only 5 minutes from my place, I asked my husband to help took care of my son and I went. That was the last time I went for a facial.

Anyway, while I was there, I happened to overhear a customer telling her beautician than she uses Rose Water as a 'toner' and drinks Rose Water as part of her beauty regime. Hmm.... Since I don't even follow the proper cleansing routine (yeah, I just washes my face with soap. :p), I thought I'll try that.

I understands from the Medical Hall people that Rose Water is consider a mild astringent. Hence, it a good form of toner as it helps to firm and tone the skin as well as moisturises it. And best of all it doesn't cause dryness because it doesn't contain alcohol. If I'm not to lazy, I'll even make a separate pot of Rose Water for drinking. Seriously, I'm not sure how effective is it but I sure save a lot of money on the Evian Atomiser.

Ingredients for Rose Water as a Toner:
  • 10 Rose Buds
  • 250ml Distilled Water
How to do it:
  1. Rinse rose bud and put them in a cup.
  2. Bring water to a boil.
  3. Pour over rose bud.
  4. Cover the cup and let it stand for 20 minutes.
  5. Drain and let it cool.
  6. Empty to a spray bottle.
  7. Refrigerate if you like and use up in 3 days.
If you do not have a spray bottle, use it as normal. Just pat some rose water to your face after cleansing.

For Rose Water Beauty Drink:
In addition to the ingredients for Rose Water Toner, add 4 pieces of dried Hawthorn fruits and rock sugar to the water for taste. Normal drinking water can be used here. As usual, add them to the rose buds when it boils. You don't have to strain it out first. You can drink it like tea. The longer you let it stand in the pot/cup, the strong the drink will be.

  • Hawthorn fruits contains antioxidant properties in case you are wondering why it's added it.
  • You can use honey instead of rock sugar if you like.

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  1. thanks for the simple recipe :)

  2. Wokking mum, just want to double check..the rose buds is the one that we can get in any tea shop one right? Rose tea?

  3. Annie,
    Yes. But you can get from Chinese Medical Hall too. It will be much cheaper.

  4. hehehe..i still got some left over ma, so i dont need to buy. Thanks!

  5. Annie,
    I see. Hehe ... save you money to buy some more. ;)

  6. Beautiful rose water picture! Can't wait to try it. :)

  7. How easy -- I'll have to give it a try. I am always seeking the fountain of youth.

  8. i'm gonna try it... drool... thanks for sharing

  9. This is the dried ones, right? Have to go & find it. Chinese medicine shop shld have? Thanks for sharing! : )

  10. East Meets West Kitchen,

    Haha ... nah, I dont think you need it. ;)

    Young lady dont need lah. ;)

    Blur Mommy,
    Yes, dried ones. Welcome.

  11. this is great. i tried your recipe and have been spritzing my face with it to help my breakouts. i could see the difference in a day - my face much less oily and the breakouts not so inflamed :)

    tks for this

  12. Tracy,
    Really? So glad to hear it worked for you. :D

  13. wah how many times a day do u spray? Do u finish the whole bottle in 3 days? I waaannnnn to try!!! hehee

  14. Wiffygal,
    Quite often when my son is not having school holidays bcos I travel by foot a lot. Yes, most of the time it will be gone in 3 days bcos I spray my daughter too. :p

  15. I love green tea favor food stuffs as well as skin and body care with rose and strawberry fragrance. I like to try D.I.Y. skin cares which is easy and affordable to everyone. Thanks for your sharing.

  16. hi, wat r the benefits of drinking rose water? i can't use it on my skin because i used it for sumtime and my skin got all itchy so i thot why not drink it instead.

  17. Hi, may i know where to get distilled water ?