Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Champagne Grapes Shaved Ice

Few years ago, there was this craze about shaved ice drinks in Singapore. If I remember correctly, it was bought in from Taiwan. Although, the shaved ice drinks 'trend' had died down, we are still able to see these stalls in some shopping centers but selling at a much cheaper price. They used essences and syrup for the drinks but if we do it at home we can use the real fruit or fruit juice.

Few days ago I happened to see these really tiny grapes in the supermarket and I bet the kids would love it and so I bought home a box. They are called Champagne Grapes. And just how tiny are they? The size of a pea! Too cute!

I wanted to used some for baking but just couldn't find the time. So before they turned bad, I used them to make shaved ice for dessert. Eat it or drink it. You decide.

  • 250g Champagne Grapes
  • 300ml Water sweeten with sugar to taste
How to do it:
  1. Blend the grapes with water.
  2. Filter juice.
  3. Pour juice into a flat shallow pan/dish.
  4. Refrigerate in the freeze.
  5. Bring the pan out just before the juice turned hard.
  6. Blend till smooth.
  7. Pour into cup.
  8. Drink immediately.
* Pea-size Grapes *

* Cute bunch of Grapes *


  1. I don't know if that fad every made it to the United States, but you're recipe certainly looks tasty and sophisticated.

  2. pea sized grapes? these are wine grapes.. plz take out thes annoying rollover effects at your images.. or make em optional. and plz stop posting your blog entries to tastespotting!

  3. Why should she stop posting these to Tastespotting? It's a cool picture and a good recipe. If Tastespotting didn't want it they wouldn't approve it for the site!

  4. Kelly,
    You dont have these is the US? I didnt even remember where these were from :p Hope you get be able to get these soon. They are really nice.

  5. Dec,
    It says Champagne Grapes on the packaging. Labelling them as pea-sized grapes is an analogy if you didnt notice.

    Well, as for the annoying rollover ... it's how I like it. It's my blog anyway.

    Sorry to disappoint you but I won't stop posting to Tastespotting. How about you ask Tastespotting to stop approving my entries instead.

    Have a nice day too.

  6. Kaleidoscope,
    Thanks for speaking up for me.

    There is always a group of people like Dec in blogsphere. They don't worry me.

    But, thanks again. ;)

  7. This real cute grapes tastes good. But do anyone knows the healthy fact of this tiny cute grapes?

  8. Gopal,
    I found this

  9. I saw champagne grapes last summer and I am a big fan. Your shaved ice is good, I should try next summer. Btw I put them in freezer and ate like pop ice, it was delicious.