Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Finger Food for Kids

You know kids love cocktail sausages. I don't remember eating so much of it when I was a kid. My kids just can't seems to have enough of them.

I sometimes served this as a tea-time snack for my kids. And when I'm preparing it, I munched on them too. Haha ... Not much left in the end. I think they make a pretty nice party finger food too.

What you see here are cocktail sausage wrapped with lettuce and ham. You can have other varieties like using cheese, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, bread, etc. The combination is endless.

I stand up them using a bell pepper top which I had saved from a dish I'm cooking for dinner. Of course you can just lay them on a tray, can't be cutting all the tops of bell peppers to do this. *giggles*

Having a party tomorrow to celebrate Singapore's National Birthday? Why not serve one of these? A time saver and easy to prepare.

Happy Birthday, Singapore! And Happy Holiday to everyone in Singapore!


  1. Wow, that looks really lovely and appetizing :) I want............!!! u seem to be always passionately making new things for ur kids. :)

  2. I finally caught up with your last 40 posts .. that was how much I missed out after my bb popped :p

    A few dishes I like - so I'll definitely look them up again - i.e. when I got more time to cook :) Right now it's a bit tough to cook a meal from start to end without being interrupted by bb crying :S

  3. happy birthday singapore,

  4. can't let twins see this pic. Anway,they can eat it very fast w/out any need for fancy presentation.

  5. Jane,
    Thanks. I have little fussy eaters at home. haha ... After a while, it become a hobby. ;)

    Haha ... but I dont remember eating as much as they do. :p

    Hope you are coping well. Breast feeding your BB right? Read your post about it. I Stop after 2 months. Just not enpugh to keep up with her appetite. haha.
    Take care and rest as much as you can.

    Kitchen Fantasy,

    Haha ... the monsters here can recognise the can of sausages. I'll be force to buy once they see it. :p