Saturday, February 24, 2007

House on Rice

My son's dinner yesterday consist of Sweet Chicken Wings and ABC Soup. Plently of vegetables in the soup so it saved me the trouble of wokking another vegetable dish for him *tsk tsk tsk* lazy mom! But I 'build' him a house out of ham and cheese as a consolation!


  1. wow..nice house. good idea! :)
    I also like to cook all-in-1 soup for my girl too. That helps to ensure that the kids get a balanced diet and us the mothers, a hassle-less cooking, right? :p

  2. I like to cook all-in-one dish. Yah, much easier but doesnt look interesting. After some time the kids will lose interest eating it. My mum is a all-in-one dish person. We had those very often so I know. Everyday, we came home from school, we (my brother & I)only need to heat up the only 1 pot on the stove, scoop rice and that's our dinner ;p

  3. Hahaha ... yah, like Mui Fan ... everyday ...