Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ham Pig on Broccoli and Crabstick Rice

I was successful with my Chinese Spaghetti. Successful because my fussy eater finished everything! So I'm trying again with another bento inspired meal for him (this was done yesterday). This time with rice. Hehehe ... he finished too, even the rice is loaded with minced broccoli (he hates it). Ohhh.... I so motivated!

  • 2/3 bowl Cooked rice (that's how much he can eat)
  • Broccoli, 2 medium florets
  • 2 stick crab stick, teared into shreds
  • 2 slices Apple Baked Ham or any ham of your choice.
  • 1/4 slice cheese
  • Some nori for decoration
How to do it:
  1. Chop the broccoli into tiny bits.
  2. Place the bits in a bowl and top with crab stick.
  3. Steam for 5 minutes.
  4. Mixed with cooked rice.
  5. Place the ham, cheese and nori on rice as decoration. (I did pigs, can tell?)
  6. Serve with side dish (braised Chinese & button mushrooms) and fruits.
I did not add seasonings to the broccoli because it's steamed with crabstick and crabstick is slightly sweet. I'm trying to get him to eat broccoli that's why it's used here. It can always be substituted with other vegetables you like.


  1. ohh...your kids are so lucky! My little gal only have porridge for meals everyday except on days when I'm home, I would cook noodles or rice with some soup for her...sigh, tis a problem when I am a WM.

    You make me "giam" (tempt) to make nice and interesting food for Trenyce :p

  2. These are (mostly) for Warren because Trenyce has no problem with whatever I feed her *thank God* but she does share certain food with GeGe.

    Yah, not possible for WM to cook. You can surprise Trenyce on your off days. She will be very happy! :)

  3. Wow .. ur family sure lucky .. can teach me abit r :P me dunno how to cook wan leh .. :P

  4. Hi Jessie! Thanks for visiting!
    My family can be unlucky too bcos they are the one who have to taste my 'experiments' hehehe.
    I cant teach lah. Not good enough.
    But my recipes here are quite easy to follow. Maybe, you can find one or two to your liking? ;) Do try them out.

  5. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing - I will have to try it with my little girl.

  6. Michelle, No prob! Hope she will like it! ;)