Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rice with Deep Fried Chicken Drumlets and Steamed Carrots

This was served to my king (my son) yesterday with Lotus Root Soup. It consist of rice with Steamed Carrots and Deep Fried Chicken Drumlets.


  1. Thanks for popping by Cooler Insights. You do have a very interesting series of blogs too and two very cute (and I am sure energetic) kids. Are you in Singapore by the way?

    It looks like there are quite a lot of foodie bloggers in Singapore. ;)

  2. Cool Insider, thanks! They are really energetic. Sometimes, I find it hard to keep up! ;p

    Yeap, I'm a Singaporean. I guess we all love to eat. It's a food paradise here!

  3. Hey wokking mum.. can I have some of these? They look so delicious. Maybe you should set up a kiddie restaurant!! Your food looks better than Globetrotters in United Square leh. Sorry for taking so long to reciprocate the link... it's done. Thanks so much!

  4. Doris, you want? Virtually can? hehehe ... Mine stuff are so amateurish how to start restaurant? Still a long way to go! ;p
    No prob abt the link ;)

  5. I'm serious - your kids are so fortunate. Delicious food + A-class presentation. My, what a life!! I really like this site. I'm linking this too!!

  6. Thanks! I do hope they know they are fortunate. ;p

    I try to make the food looks nice (& taste nice too!) as much as I can or if time permits. Bcos my son seems to eat more (in quantity and variety of vegi) compared to the plain looking dishes I made previously. ;p If you have the time, I'm sure you can do the same too!

    Thanks for linking this site too! :)