Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Grapes Jelly

I think many people are probably very familiar with Konnyaku Jelly. I might be one of the earliest batches to try making it. No kidding! My friend and I attended a cooking demo at Choa Chu Kang Coummunity Center. They were showing Konnyaku Jelly making. Of course we get to sample the end product. Then we realised, we had to go to their store at Tampines to get the powder and essence! Poon Huat don't even have them then!

That time all the jellies I made were transparent because I just didn't want to spend more money on colourings. Now you can get ready mixed Konnyaku powder anywhere. No need to buy essence or colouring. Everything is all done. So convenient!

I happened to see this (picture below) Konnyaku Jelly mix in NTUC and thought I give it a try. Never try Japanese Konnyaku Jelly mix before. They are the originals so must be better. I'm so right! They are really better than the local ones. Not as firm as the local Konnyaku Jelly mix (like Red Man brand) but firmer than jellos. It's like a cross of the two. We love it and we are going to get more!! It was yummy!

I added some sliced grapes in the jelly for the extra crunch and more grapes for decorations.

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