Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Durian Puff cum Ice Cream

The supermarket here was selling durian at $10 for 3 boxes. I just couldn't resist buying them. They were quite good for the price.

I went back the next day to get another 3 boxes with the intention of making durian cake. I had removed all the durian pulp. When I was ready to make it, my friend called and said she couldn't get the cake from me. I always pass some of my cakes to my friend as we can never finish them.

 In the end I decided to make Puff instead, which is much easier. These are mini, bite-size puff.

Since I had already prepared the durian pulp, that is, all beaten up, I decided to use them all. You don't have to add so much. Here's my recipe for the Durian Cream Filling .

  • 200 ml Diary or Non-diary Whipping Cream
  • 350g Durian pulp
  • 10g Gelatine Powder
  • 3 tablespoon Hot Water
How to do it:
  1. Beat whipping cream till soft peak. You might want to use an electric beater as it will take quite a while if using hand.
  2. Melt gelatine powder with hot water.
  3. Add the melted gelatine and durian to the whipped cream and mix well.
  4. Your durian cream filling is ready to use.

As I had put a lot of durian pulp for my durian cream filling, I decided to save half of the amount and freeze it. 4 hours later ... viola! It became creamy and yummy Durian Ice Cream!


  1. I love durian puff more than the real durian. so impressed by your puffs which look better (and more generous serving of durian) than those sold outside :D

  2. Hi.. wanna try this receipt too.. looks so yummy..

    How does a soft peak looks like? is it must be able to stand?

    Also.. where did u buy the puffs?

  3. hi, wokkingmum, you really inspire me to cook and prepare meals for my family, I like your blog very much. Hope to see your blog often. My husband definitely loves this durian puff, they look yummy!

  4. Ooh i never knew we could make ice-cream like that! easy!

  5. Noobcook,
    We usually wont be stingy when we do it ourselves. ;)

    Yes, not watery at least.
    I did the puff myself.

    Hope you are enjoy cooking for your family!

    Family First,
    It was not intended to do it this way. Just that I had too much I decided to freeze them. So the Ice-cream was accidental. ;P

  6. can i use thickened cream from BULLA instead of the non-diary whipping cream? (have some left over from another recipe la..duno wat to do with it)

  7. hey babe, i tried finding gelatine @ the supermkt today but they are all flavoured. Do they sell non flavoured ones? Any brand in particular that u always use?

  8. Siang N Janice,
    I don't think you can use that, it cant whipped up as well.

    You can use the thicken cream to make cream soup or baked rice.

    Try getting Bake King Gelatine. It's in plastic bottle form. That's what I use.

  9. What I did was, replace mango (from your mango ice cream recipe) with durian pulp. The result was, the ice cream was really creamy. A conclusion is, mango has more water content than durian, thus I suggest adding 20% fresh milk (in proportion of thick cream). Here's what I will try next round

    o approx 350g durian pulp (add maybe 50g durian pulp at the end)
    o 200ml Whipping Cream
    o 40ml fresh milk (so it won't end up too thick/creamy)
    o 5 tablespoon Icing Sugar or to taste

    I blend the 350g durian pulp with cream (and milk) and sugar. Just before pouring into freezing container, add extra durian pulp.

    KG (cookie)