Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rambutan Ice Blended

I recently had a Rambutan (flavoured) Ice Blended at those $1.50 ice blended stall. I was telling myself how expensive it was. It was just ice, syrup and some sago. For $1.5o, I could buy a can of rambutan.

That thought gave me the idea of making this. I freeze 10 canned Rambutan with pineapple and the 3/4 can of syrup with 1/4 can of water in ice cube tray for 2 1/2 hours. The syrup won't be totally frozen, which is good as it makes blending easier. Add the fruits and the syrup ice into the blender and blend.

If you find it not sweet enough for you, add in some of the leftover syrup. Add lesser rambutan if you don't like to your drink to have a lots of pulp. The drink won't turn pink. You have to add a tiny drop of red colouring. Try using a chopstick to dip in the colouring and then stir it in the blended ice. Don't pour from the bottle or spoon. Red isn't very nice.

I have tried using blue and green too. They are all nice, as long as you use only a tiny drop. You may want to consider using the same method for longan, lychee or any fruits and use different colours for them.

Nice to serve it at your party.


  1. What a gorgeous rambutan ice blended. I shall try!

  2. Thanks Alice.
    It's like a novelty drink. Hope you will like it.

  3. wm u r a genius!! Last time I like to order rambutan freeze from some coffee club ... cost like S$5 ok... and yours looks much better. very pretty! :)

  4. Would never have thot of a rambutan blended drink! You are great!

  5. Hey!so glad u tot us this!U know coffee club also sell this but is super ex at $5.50 or $6.50 per glass and is my fav drink! I shall make it this wkend and let u know! Slurp Slurp...

    Btw, I have tried some of yr receipes and is well liked by my hubby!Thanks alot! ;)

  6. I'm willing to bet my right hand that it tastes as good as it looks, and it looks amazing!

    Lets if I can pull this off for my girlfriend =D

  7. Noobcook,
    Wow! That's ex! And I still complain about S$1.50 ice blended drink. :P Thanks!

    Family First,
    Thanks for the compliments.

    Now you can do it on your own and save the money to buy ingredients to cook more for your hubby. :)

    Thank you!

    Thanks. You can keep your right hand. Haha..

    Wow! Your girlfriend is so lucky. ;)

  8. I have a Rambutan's tree :D , rambutan is Indonesian's fruit! :)