Friday, November 21, 2008

Lunch Box #7

I did not cook much last week and had some vegetables left in my fridge. I'm trying to finish whatever is left before I buy some more. All I need was some fish paste to settle this simple lunch box for my son. Some of the ingredients, such as carrots and fish paste, are being used twice differently. By doing this, I can have an extra dish. I added some grated carrot to some fish paste for one of the bacon nuggets and stuff cut-out carrot to make it more fanciful.
Heart-shaped rice and long beans sandwich
Carrots stuffed with Fish Paste
Bacon Nugget with Spring Onions Another set with grated Carrots


  1. Hey this is such a pretty pretty bento! and so creative too! Can I borrow your ideas for the heart carrots?

  2. Your fantastic recipes are inspiring me to take more time and make my daughter's lunches more attractive (I'm Canadian and we usually don't care much about presentation here). Thanks!

  3. Hi WokkingMum,

    I really admire how you're able to take out so much time and effort to make your children's lunch so pretty and attractive.

    I guess that's really one good way to get them to eat more! hahaha

    Anyway, Wanted to ask where did you get your heart-shape cutter from?

  4. practical as ever also very colourful, excellent photography. A very nice lunch box indeed.
    clicked a few $ :) sponsors

  5. Great idea to 'recycle' the items to make an extra dish. You are so creative.

  6. Allthingpurple,
    Thanks! Ideas are meant to be shared. :) Hope your daughters like them too.

    The Hypelexian Aspie,
    Thank you.
    The Japanese started all these and I guess some of the moms feel more satisfying for their kids to not just to finish their lunches but looking forward to see their lunches and enjoying eating them :)

    You Fei,
    Thanks. Yah, they tend to eat more when their food is prettier. :P
    I can't remember where I bought mine but you can get from Diaso. They have lots of very nice cutters.

    Rico, 3lilangels,
    Thank you!