Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lunch Box #4

I managed to get the Sakura Denbu that my son loves so much on Sunday. Needless to say, I used it on my next cooking for him. :) I made tri-colour rice balls using regular rice. I just add 1/2 a cup more water to make the rice more moist so it fluffy and sticky. The one in green is coated with seaweed, white is plain and pink, Denbu of course. A friend told me that NTUC has this chicken nuggets that came in various shapes. I bought a box last week and had include that in the lunch box. I didn't find it tasty and of all the shapes, I could only recognize the heart. Hmmm ... luckily, I bought only 1 box. :) The little blue bottle contains tomato sauce for the nuggets. The veggie is just blanched Kai Lan with sesame seed. I'm using a Maggie soy sauce with sesame seed oil for the the seasoning. Everything was wiped off by my son except for the veggie and 1 of the seaweed rice ball which were finished off by my daughter. Seaweed and Kai Lan are a few of her favourite veggies. ;) In case, you didn't know. Both my kids have opposite taste. Whatever that is in my son's hate list is usually in my daughter's favourite list. *slap forehead*


  1. One with hate list & the other loves it .. thats good .. wont waste food .. hahaha. Like me and my sis .. i like fried fish and my sis likes steam fish :-)

  2. Even the simple bento you can make it looks professional, I love the bento. I agree with Family firsth, with your kids have opposite taste, you won't waste food. Btw where did you get the little containers for sauce?

  3. i like ur rice... look so cute.... pink color is v nice lol

  4. Hey! so lovely lunch box, colourful rice ball. I love rice ball too... and yours are just lovely...

    Well, isn't good to have the Sister to finish her brother's hate list and vice versa, so Mummy can save a lot of $$$ and won't waste the food...

    Good combo!


  5. Simple bento and yet it looks delicious!!

  6. That looks absolutely delicious! And having kids who like what the other dislikes ensures less wastage eh? :)

  7. wow, it's a very cute lunch you're very lucky that both your kids are complementing each other :)

  8. Wow! What stunning colours!

  9. Nice bento set and great mix of colours! Yummy!

  10. looks amazing ... how come your kids bento are all my fave food? cannot stand looking at the photos haha

  11. Family First,
    :P Yay, wont waste food for certain dishes only.

    Thank you for your compliments.
    It's difficult to cook cos they dont always like the same taste even I include their fav veg in it. Eg. My daughter likes fish balls but doesnt like it in Yong Tau Foo soup which my son loves. :P

    I bought them from Diaso.


    Thank you. I'm not always lucky when I combine both their fav food. Sometimes, it doesnt work.

    Wonderful Life, Bento, Flona, Pablopabla, Food for Tots,
    Thank you.

    Ju Ann,
    No, not at all. It's easier than what you thot. :)

    Haha ... You can make for yourself. Shouldnt be a problem for you. ;)

  12. Very nice!! I don't mind to have this for lunch at all!

  13. Mycookinghut,
    Maybe, you can make this for your lunch?

  14. this comment is a little dated but just wanted to say that I like the idea of the rice balls!

  15. Hi,

    I'm new. I managed to get to noe your blog. Very interesting & i plan to cook dinner for my boy after work. Can i noe what is Sakura Denbu? Where to buy it? Can i give it to my 2 yrs old boy? Thanks!

  16. Anonymous,
    Sukura Denbu is sweeten fish flakes. The pink colour is colouring. You can give it your boy but not too much as it's sweet. Dont want to you have the problem of you son only wanting sweet rice after that. ;) Test it out yourself before deciding how much you want to add it to your rice.

    You can get it from IMM Giant, Cold Storage (not all branches) and Japanese Supermarkets.

    Happy Wokking!