Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Egg Dumpling

Have you ever cook a dish so often, like at least twice a week, till are are so sian (bored) of it? My kids can ask me to make this every other day. OMG! Don't they get tired of eat it so often? Even I'm tired of cooking it. :P I beggged them once not to 'order' that and was surprised they agreed. BUT they didn't finished the replacement dish and asked if they could have it the next day. *roll eyes* Since the problem lies with me being bored of making it sooooo often, I decided to change the presentation. It's basically STILL the same thing except the outlook is different. ;) This could work, I told myself. ;) For this verision, instead of spreading the fish paste on the egg, you place it on the middle of the egg. After that, gently pick-up the edge of the egg and gently tie it with a spring onion. Oh, you have to blanch the spring onion to soften it first otherwise it will 'break' when you try to tie a knot. (see above illustration) Then, place the egg dumplings on an oiled dish and have it steamed for 15 minutes or till cooked. You can prepare a simple sauce to pour over it if you like. Otherwise, serve immediately. Ps. My kids said it tasted like the orignal but looked so different, they still prefer the orignal and want to have it the next day! *faint* At least I tried. ;P


  1. I tried this before but my wrap tore, i failed miserably =(

  2. I really really amazed at all the thing you can think up to make your dishes so creative .. I am so bored compared to you.

  3. Hi wokkingmum,

    I've been lurking ard your blog for a while now have learn plenty of skills from you. I can cook, but your creativity with the simpliest food amazes and inspire me.

    I have a boy (9) and a girl(4) too. We have been in Shanghai for the past 8 yrs. I'm writing now becos' I'm heading back to Singapore next June. Feeling a little insecure becos' I've lost touch with life/living there. Can we be friends ? I would love to find time and learn the crafts and stuff you make for your kids, I'm terrible at craftwork.

    I couldn't find your email anywhere so I'm writing it in the comments column. Drop me a email if you have the time at

    Btw, what do you think is a reasonable budget to set aside for marketing and groceries for a family of 4 ? Home cooking, bentos and all..

    thank you ! Hope 2 hear fr u soon.

  4. You are my No.1 cooking blog that i will visit when i do the blog hopping..haha.. Always amaze me with yr creative mind and magic hands ... use simple ingredients to come out a Marvelous food..

  5. so creative of u to come up with this way of repackaging, hehe. look like little dim sum parcels to me, its adorable ... maybe the original standard too high to beat hehe

  6. I have never tried dumpling but I have viewed loads, and yours looks amazing....soooo delicate yet full of nutrition and very decorative too with the herb tie the orange of the carrot the yellow of the corn and the white of the fish (it is fish isn't it?)...just love it ...cliked a few money making things for you as support ;)

  7. Ooooooh! I love this idea! No eggroll wrap means no starch and that is what I like about this. And of course it is a thing of art. Thank you!

  8. ahh..that's creative..i also want to eat this everyday can or not :P..btw, how u make the egg so thin..what wok u use? My previous try the egg was so thick, and the roll was..absolutely ugly LOL..dare not even take photos haha. i'm trying to get a non stick pan, u got any good one to recommend?

  9. Linda,
    Oh, you got to be gentle with it. Hope you will try again. You can do it. :)

    Family First,
    This is what happens when you have picky diners at home. You envy me, I envy you. ;)

    Welcome back to Singapore. I ahve been busy lately. I will email you as soon as I can.

    My Life Zone,
    Thank you, thank you for your support. :)

    Haha ... my kids are very difficult to please. :P

    Thank you for your compliments. Thanks for your support too but you dont have to do it unless you are really interested. But I appreciate it. :)

    You are welcome.

    Eat everyday? Can take it or not, Egg leh. hehe ...

    I use a frying pan. Just use 1 drop of oil to heat the pan. Dab off excess oil, there wont be oil 'rolling' around the pan. Reduce the fire to low then gentle pour half beaten egg in the pan. Quickly twirl the pan to spread the egg. Once the bottom is set, you can slowly use your spatula to lift up and flip the egg over. Just cook of another 15 seconds or so and it's done. :)

    I'm currently using meyer now. I change my pan every 8 to 9 mths. ;)