Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Edible Othello

My son was so crazy about the Othello that it gave me the idea of making this for his dinner. The white seeds were Rice and the green seeds were Spinach Tofu with Fish Paste. I used a melon baller to scoop the balls out from the Tofu. My poor daughter had to eat the messy left-over but she still enjoyed it.

You should see how my son 'played' with his food. He ate the losing seed and replaced them with the winning ones. I had to tell him to play both sides otherwise he will end up eating one of the two colours first. Then it will be to plain to eat just the remaining.

So you see, we CAN play with food. *giggle*


  1. Wah....forever so ingenious

  2. Jaden,
    Thanks. Some tricks of mine. ;)

    Hehe ... thanks. At least it keeps my mind working. :)

  3. I would totally eat this if I was a kid...but then again...I would totally eat this even now! :o)

  4. East Meets West Kitchen,
    Thanks! ;)

    Hahaha ... then the portion would have to be bigger!

  5. haha!! this is so fun! U are really creative!! :)