Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flying Hearts

We went Cold Storage and I bought a block of Kamaboko. I call it high class fish cake. Why? Because a block of Kamaboka cost me $4. That's equals to 40 fish balls or 400g of fish paste! What to do? I'm a sucker for pretty food. If you go to their branch at Bugis Junction, you can even get those with Pokemon and Hello Kitty imprinted. キユ一ト。かわいい。可爱!Cute!

Anyway, I used a few slices to make the wings for the sausage heart. Now they can fly! Catch them quick before they fly away! *giggle*

I included Stir Fried French Bean and Fish Fries with the meal.

* the flying sausage hearts *

* Fish Fries *

  • Marinade sliced fish fillet with some salt and pepper.
  • Coat with batter.
  • Fry till golden brown.
  • Dish and drain.

* French Beans *

  • Stir fry garlic till fragrant.
  • Add french beans and carrot.
  • Stir fry till you see the french been turned into darker green.
  • Add light soy sauce to taste.
  • Mix well.
  • Dish and serve.


  1. When I saw the flying hearts on your food gallery, I was so curious what was the hearts. Never came to my mind they would be sausages haha

  2. soooo creative!!! full of cuteness!

  3. Fish fries! I will never think of making fries with fish. So creative. =D

  4. hello...i've been following some of your recipes for a while. My hubby commented that my cooking has I think it is only rite to send you a note to thank you. I tried ur choco truffles last nite..and it was so yummy...really very happy to hve chance upon your blog...

  5. Thank you Ladies! It's really simple. Make some and it will cheer you up any day.

  6. Moo Han,
    Hi! Very happy to hear that your husband has compliment you on your cooking. It has got to be your hard work and your love for your family in order to cook nice food. I only provided with the ideas. But thank you very much for writing. I appreciate it! You made my day. :D

    Glad you love the truffles. You can make more for Xmas as gifts. :)

    It's my pleasure to have you visiting my blog.

  7. :O I adore your food so much!
    And where do you buy your kamaboko? I usually get mine for under $2

  8. Hello,

    May I ask where do you normally buy nori punches? Is there any at Daiso? Thank you.

  9. Here in the UK, I can't bear to buy fishballs unless I am craving them desparately because they cost about S$6 for a dozen in a pack... :( I've been enjoying your recipes btw. They always give me good ideas for some homecooked food. Congrats as well for being featuered in Time Out Singapore.

  10. Hachiko,
    Thank you! ^_-
    I bought mine from Cold Storage. I think it's imported not locally made that's why it's expensive.

    Under $2! So cheap!! I would have bought 1/2 dozen!!

    Those are craft punch. :p I used it on nori instead of paper. hehe I bought them from popular bookshop


    So expensive!!! How about trying to make your own ...

    Thank you very much. Hope you will continue visiting. :)

  11. I am always so happy to see your kids meal posts :) You always give me ideas what to prepare for them. Thank you Elaine :)

  12. LZmommy,
    It's my pleasure to share too. ;)