Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Duck Porridge

Sometime back I did a Roasted Duck Noodles in Herbal Soup, with the broth done by brewing the bones of the roasted herbal duck. A week later my husband brought home two roasted ducks from the Seventh Month Festival aka Ghost Festival (the Asian Halloween) praying session. My husband is in the Construction Industry and having a Chinese boss, praying during the seventh month of the Lunar Calendar is a must for them to ensure smooth and 'accidents' free operation.

Anyway, I didn't waste the bones (again) and went ahead to make more broth with them. This time I cooked porridge with the broth with shredded duck meat in it. I tore out the skin and pan fried them without oil (They are like streaky bacon. See the oil later.) till they are crispy. I added the crispy skin on the porridge for that extra fragrant and bite.

The kids love it so much, they finished it like hungry .... erm ... kids.


  1. I just bought roast duck today and planning to cook duck porridge too.

  2. Tigerfish,
    Ooo ... if you are neighbour, my kids will run to your house and gooble your porride up. hehe ...

  3. wah... duck porridge... i love duck! problem is they always said duck is very bad for my acne skin... cos very "du" (mandarin) = poison

    but i'm going to ask my dad to try cooking this! (tell u a secret, my dad does the cooking at home!)

  4. Meatball,
    That's what I heard too. Hmmm ... I saw in some magazines on food and homemade mask for acne. I'll try to find and send to you. See if you'll like to try.

    Hehehe ... mine too leh!!