Thursday, May 24, 2007

Simple Triangle Rice Balls

Lately I have been very feeling tired. My daughter who is now officially in the terrible 2 stage is draining away my energy. And I'm suppose to do study plans for her and my son that I have put on hold for a while. Then there are tonnes of housework waiting for me ... and I'm still 'wasting' time blogging away. *stick out tongue*

I haven't been making much interesting meal for my son and he is now back to his old eating habits again. Sigh! I know he likes Furikake, so I did some simple rice balls aka onigiri with some Furikake in it, along with some other dishes.

Hmm... will try to manage my time better to squeeze in all the stuff I want to do. Hopefully, he will see more interesting meals soon.


  1. Wowowowo... lau hau sui (salive dripping) already...!!

  2. Etc~Mommy,
    Hahaha ... can try making. Quite simple than don't have to lau hau sui. ;)

  3. Know wat? Last nite, I hv tried to use ur other's recipe on seaweed roll with
    tofu & cooked ham... Not bad ... Once again, TQ for ur idea..

  4. Sound like SAHM not ez also har.....
    Your kids are too lucky lah :)

  5. Cute rice triangles. My kids might just like those!

  6. Auntie Linda,
    Glad you like it. You like it dont you? ;p Just being cheeky! You are welcome lah!

    Hai yo! It's not easy being a SAHM and lagi not easy being a SAHM with 2 hyper-active kids and a busy husband without any helper! :s

    It's simple but my son love furikake so he enjoyed it. Yeah, maybe your kids will like it too.