Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How to turn a Radish to a Carrot

So, how do you turn a Radish to a Carrot? Well, you dip it in curry! *bleh*

My son loves Japanese Curry and since we haven't had that for a long time (it meant my hubby had not went away for business trip for a while too), I thought I'll just cook that. I came out with this silly riddle to ask my son. Guess what he said. "You didn't make the Radish long enough lah. Don't look like Radish cannot guess." *duh*

After he took a bite, he told me, his carrot (he had dipped it in his curry) had turned into an egg. I was a little confused till he said, "See, that's egg yolk I'm eating!" Hahaha! He was referring to the meat ball I stuffed inside the 'Radish-Carrot'. Wah, that gives me another idea for his next meal! Great!

In case you are wondering what the Radish was, it was meat ball, which was a combination of minced pork, fish paste and chopped Broccoli, shaped into a ball, stuffed into a rice ball and topped with blanched Broccoli. The curry was cooked from instant Japanese Curry Mix with Carrot, Potatoes and Onions.

It was a simple but a full of surprises meal. We had fun!

* Radish turned Carrot *

* Hidden Treasure or is it Egg Yolk? *


  1. aww sweet! this is so cool !!

  2. aiyoh, i really salute you for coming out such brilliant idea on cooking! Thumbs up! :-)

    my princesses sure love this, but i scare they will only busy searching for the 'treasure' inside! hahhaha!

  3. you are indeed brillant to come up with this!!

  4. This idea is so creative and beatiful too.Congratulacion !!!

  5. Did you make this with sushi rice so that the rice is sticky and can be moulded into a radish/egg? :)

  6. wow looks like something prepared with a lot of love, care and effort! I wish that I have the chance to eat such elaborate home cooked dishes. So droolsome..... your hubby and kids enjoy eh?

  7. Swee,

    hahaha ... wont lah. You dont tell them there is treasure inside first lor. Let them find out themselves.

    Jean, Fleck, Sylvia,
    Thank you! Try it out. ;)

    No, it's just normal thai rice. We always prefer out rice more wet. That's why it's sticky to be used to make rice balls too!

    You can do it for your family instead! Yeah, my son enjoys it. My hubby haven't tried any of my kid's meal though. ;)

  8. wah... very creative!!! Must put on my to try list!! : )

  9. Blur Mommy,
    Heehee ... thanks! Like I said before, just tricks to con my son to eat more. :p