Saturday, May 12, 2007

Growing Tulips on Rice

This is my first posting on my son's dinner after my long disappearance from the blogsphere, not that I wanted to.

Anyway, I find the tulips very cheery. Can you tell they are tulips? At least they do like like flowers. If you are wondering how I got the quails eggs to be so colourful ... I dye them with food colourings. Just one drop will do the trick. Dilute with water to get a lighter tone.

Other than eggs, Broccoli wrapped with Ham and Tofu and Fish Paste wrapped with Nori were in his dinner plate too.

* A bouquet of Broccoli *

* How the Tofu Samosa looks inside *
  • 1 tube Egg Tofu, smashed
  • 100g Fish Paste
  • 2 - 3 tablespoon Peas
  • Nori, cut into strips for wrapping
  • Oil for frying
How to do it:
  1. Mix all ingredients except nori together.
  2. Scoop some paste and wrap it with nori.
  3. See here for instructions or you can wrap it like a spring roll.
  4. Pan fry for 3 minutes each on both sides.
  5. Dish and serve.
You can use corn or carrots instead of peas or all 3! Colourful!!


  1. wah very creative...

    my girl was with me when i saw ur post, her reaction was wahh..wghat's that

  2. wow that seems like quite a lot of food for a child from the picture!

  3. wowww!! first time dropping by. u are great! i don't even know how to cook, can say i'm lazy la...must learn from sifu here le...anyway, thx for visiting my
    i just know how to choose good place to eat, regret la... :(

  4. Wow this is really creative! Think I won't bear to eat the tulips! :) Thanks for the great ideas!


  5. VERY NICE!!! i tot the eggs are chicken eggs. Now i know its Quail eggs. VERY creative!

  6. Jazzmint,
    Hope your girl like it. You can have her dye the eggs for you I think she will have fun having her fingers dyed too. Hahaha..

    Lil Star,
    It is alot? Maybe it's how the pic is taken. ;) He can finish if it's stuff he likes to eat.

    Hi hi! Thanks for visiting! Love your food review! Will link you once my element's page is up. Can link you?

    Thanks! I think only adults wont bear to eat certain food. My son just see-see, comment a little and gobble up. hahaha

    Thanks. Cant let my son eat too much chicken eggs. Quail eggs just nice. 4 quail eggs = 1 chicken egg ;)

  7. Hi WokkingMum, yes the quail egg looks like tulip and I love them... did you cut them using knife or have some gadget that can make it easier?? :)

  8. Sorry Jean. There's no short cut for this. Have to use a small and pointed knife to do this.