Friday, May 11, 2007

How slice really thin ginger 姜丝

These are fried ginger shreds. Really crunchy! I usually fried some and keep it in an air-tight container. It can be use to top Steamed Fish, Braised Chicken, Noodle or even eat it on its own!

That's what my confinement lady did for me. She fried a container of ginger shred for me as titbits! She is really skilled in cutting it. They are really thin! I can't manage that. So how do I do it since I'm not as skillful? I cheat! Hahaha!

The trick is to use a peeler (hope that what it's call). We normally use it to slice the skin off fruit and vegetables. Yap, I use that! After I get really thin slices of ginger, I chop them into shreds. So much easier then.

Neat trick? Say you learn it here huh! *wink*

* See how think the ginger slices are - translucent! *

* My secret weapon *


  1. Ooh.. more confinement food. Keep them coming, keep them coming.

  2. Hahaha ... you should have many of your own mah. You are such a good cook!!

    I have one more for you! ;)

  3. it sounds easy but when come to me, im afraid it will turn out differently. hahaha

  4. Esther,
    Wont lah. At least it's easier than slicing with a knife :p I can never do that. Not up to that standard yet. :p

  5. I have this peeler too! Think exact same one! Japanese one right?
    Very good!

  6. Tigerfish,
    Not sure if it's the original one but it does has japanese writings on the packaging. I bought it at temp stalls at my place. But it is really very good!

  7. i love friend ginger too..wah u got so many tricks to share...

  8. Mommy of 2 Angels,
    If you like fried ginger than this would be a pretty neat trick to make more or maybe you already knew? ;)

    Ps. I'm a mom to 2 angels too but they have since turned monstrous. hahaha~

  9. good tips, thanks. I love confinement food too.