Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mr Happy Rice Ball

I did this for my son yesterday.
It's funny how some peas, carrot bits, tiny bits of ham and even more tiny cut out seaweed, with the help of toothpicks, can transform a boring rice ball to something totally different.

Mr Happy Rice Ball is relaxed and stretched out ... waiting to be eaten! LOL

* Steamed Veggies sprinkled with bonito flakes and a pinch of salt *

* Egg and Fish Paste Roll *

* the happy rice man *


  1. Mr Riceball really looks happy and relaxed. I love how u use the toothpick, peas and carrots to dress him up.

  2. aiyoo this is soooo cute! Mr Happy looks much cuter than the monsters I made, haha ;D

  3. so cute haha, I love your idea. Do you make different food for your son and daughter?

  4. Aww.. so cute!! My gal would love this!:)

  5. so cute, I salute you, sifu. Warren is one lucky boy.

  6. The carrots!! so pretty.

    Gosh, the rice!! so cute. can i have some? yummy.

  7. Didally,
    He does look happy and relaxed, doesnt he? Maybe he doesn't know he's going to be eaten soon. hehe ... Thank! What skinny arms and legs. :p

    Thanks. I like yours! Even my hubby said yours looked cute! ;)

    Thanks. Most of the time similar except I dont style my daughter's food. She wont eat it cos it doesnt look like food. hahaha ....

    Thanks! Do try it!

    Thanks! I no shifu lah.

    Sentosa Girl,
    You can try doing it, using cookie cutters. It's easy. ;)

    hehe ... I'll ask Mr Happy Rice Ball to walk to you. You have to wait. He's very slow. :p