Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mini Prawn Cutlet Rice Burger

What happens if you want to eat burger and rice but it's impossible to finish both? Have a rice burger then! LOLz

I made this rice burger for my son with the Prawn Cutlet I did. Yeah, that's plain rice instead of buns. Just add some lettuce, tomato, onion, even cheese, squeeze some sauce and you have it.

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Oh! Just in case you are wondering how the rice cakes were made, I cooked the rice as normal except I added slightly more water (1 cup rice with 1 1/2 cup water) to make it more moist and sticky.

If you don't like to use your bare hands to make the rice cake, scoop the rice onto a cling wrap. Cover it with the same cling wrap and roll it with a rolling pin or similar. Lift up the cling wrap and 'fold' the flatten rice. Cover it and continue rolling. Repeat till the rice sticks together. Use a round cookie cutter to cut out the rice.

Using your hands will be much easier. *wink*

By the way, these prawn cutlet rice burgers were only 7cm in diameter, hence ... mini.


  1. I'm a big fan of mos' seafood rice burger... your post makes me crave for one right now! ;x

  2. That's a clever way of making the rice burger 'buns'!

    Want to ask you, how do you put your site name on all your photos? Thanks!

  3. wah! this is simple to do and looks delicious! I love rice burgers. got to try to make this myself too. Thanks!

  4. my sons love burgers..this rice burger looks delicious..will like to try out.....

  5. East Meets West Kitchen,
    Hope they do and will enjoy it. ;)

    Me too! But eating in Mos Burger is very expensive so I dont go there often. Not worth for a family to eat there. ;p

    Thank you.
    I use the software that comes free with my digital camera. You can use other softwares like photoshop, photoimpact, etc.

    Thanks. Hope you will like it too. ;)

    Thanks. Mini food is easy to eat. :p

    Sweet Jasmine,
    Hope they like it. Have fun making them! ;)

  6. Hi wokkingmum
    As Mos burger they did fried up the rice cake right. Do you think how we can do that?