Saturday, October 20, 2007

Little Cheese Men

My son likes ham and cheese sandwiches but the most he will eat is a slice of bread if it's with sliced cheese even if in cute shapes. However if it's with ham alone, he can eat two slices. So I gathered that it got to do with cheese.

I tried Parmesan Cheese and guess what? He can eat more than three slices! Sure he likes it. It smells nice and is crunchy too!

* Marching Little Cheese Men *

Today we had cut-out little men and flowers (not shown here) on the remaining bread. It was really easy to make too.

Just butter the bread. Have a bowl of grated Parmesan Cheese ready. You may want to use unsalted butter since Parmesan Cheese alone is salty enough. Then press the bread with butter side down to the cheese. Shake off excess cheese. After which, you can toast it in your oven, cheese side up.

I was too lazy to bring out my oven so I used frying  pan instead. Toast the plain side first then turn over to toast the side with cheese. Remove them once they are slightly brown. Cool them on the rack before giving them to your kids.

Oh! Your kids can do this too. It's fun! Just remember to do the toasting for them.


  1. So yummy. gonna try it when i'm free.

  2. so you assemble the sandwich 1st, then toast it?

  3. this looks too pretty, nice!

  4. My kids love parmesan cheese, and I can't for them to try this.

  5. flying pan?not frying pan ah?=P

    looks very easy wor..will try it soon

  6. This is darling! What a wonderful, simple idea. Next time I have kids over, I think I know what we'll be having as snacks!

  7. my sons love cheese too...will cook this for them...lovely idea...

  8. Those are so cute! Any kid would be lucky to have these adorable bites.

  9. My son is already telling, "Mommy make this! I like it!!!"

    Great idea!!

  10. hey i like that! looks cute and yummy.

  11. Hi. Thanks for sharing this easy and tasty recipe. May I know where you bought this little man cookie cutter? So cute. Thanks! :)

  12. Sentosa Girl,
    Do try it. It wont take up much time ;)

    Yes. It will be easier that way.


    East Meet West Kitchen,
    Try-try! They will ask for more!

    hehe .. opps! Thanks for pointing out. ;p

    This is a hit with adults too! You can make this for your friends.

    Sweet Jasmine,
    Thanks! Hope this like this too!

    Thanks! My husband likes it too. ;)

    Tricia Lee-Chin,
    Haha ... Then quick make it for him! ;)

    Thanks! Make for your son?

    Patricia Scarpin,
    Thanks! We love it and cant stop eating. :p

    Thanks. It is easy. ;)
    If I remember correctly, it's from Seiyu (now BHG) at Bugis - Home section. It comes with a few other cookie cutters too.

  13. The ultimate is to get kids to eat and you succeeded. I'm gonna try this too. I just toast cheese once and they like it too but no shapes lah.

  14. Joanne,
    Hope the boys will like this too! ;)

  15. What brand of parmesan cheese do u use? Once I bought a brand that taste disgusting.