Monday, October 8, 2007

Chicken Drumlets with Dual Dipping Sauce

My kids love these chicken drumlets. It's easy for them to hold on to to eat. This time to make the chicken stay crunchy longer, I changed the coating.

Instead of dipping the marinated chicken in batter, I coat it with corn flour then washed it with beaten egg and lastly coat it with breadcrumbs, before I deep fried them. This method will produce a thinner crunchy outer layer but it requires more ingredients. If you prefer to have a thicker outer layer, you can always use the old method.

I fried more of these drumlets so me and my husband can have some too; not only for the kids this time. And I made some dipping sauces to go with it. The kids of course still love it with tomato sauce.

* Sesame Seed Sauce*
  • Grind or pound 2 1/2 tablespoon Sesame Seed till paste-like.
  • Add in 1 tablespoon each of Black Vinegar and Light Soy sauce with 1/2 tablespoon Sesame Seed Oil to it and mix well.

* Spicy Mayonnaise Sauce *
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of Chilli Sauce and Mayonnaise each together.


  1. The drumlets look yummy. You even made extra effort to pound the sesame seeds. 0_0

    I try to minimise deep frying at home, can't stand the oil splatters. :P

  2. Hello, me is wiffy ;p

    I think this dish looks very professional. Sauces look too delicious!

  3. Deep fried stuff seem to taste better isn't it. Alwas taste yummy.

  4. Hi..i love yr beautiful...everything!...i have so much to learn as a new kid on the blog...will add u to my link...

  5. I love your dish, it provides such a clean presentation. Also, nice sauce that's simple with a kick.

  6. Didally,
    Thanks! Yeah, I want to get the taste of sesame seed in the sauce. ;)

    I always use a cover when I deep fry, so no splatters. ;)

    Hey Wiffy! Your new site is really cool!

    Thanks! Try it some day!

    Haha ... maybe I dont know how to cook nicer non-fried stuff. :p

    Sweet Jasmine,
    Thank you for the compliments!
    Welcome to blogsphere! Hope you enjoy blogging too!

    Thanks a lot for the compliements!