Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kid's Fish Meal

I haven't post kid's meal for a while now. Well, here's a new one I did last week. The fishes were a bit 'rough' though. I really need to learn to be more skillful.

The fishes were made from rice, cocktail saugsages, cheese and a tiny bit of seaweed.

The other two dishes that comes with this were Colourful Tamago and Deep Fried Fish with Seaweed

* Fishy No.1 *

* Fishy No.2 *


  1. Very innovative. I love to dress up the food for my kids as well. A fish made out of rice, sliced sausages and strips of cheese. Brilliant!

    My kids will enjoy this. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Lee Ping,
    Thank you! I'm not very skillful, so shy! :p

    Hope your kids will like it. ;)

  3. Oh my.. you're such a creative and passionate cook and mommy :D I'd love to be ur kid.. muahahaahhaahha!

    so lovely!!

  4. Wahhh, so nice the fishes mummy, not willing to eat them lar... :P

  5. btw, just tot, if the cheese can replace with steam egg, oso not bad horr? :-)

  6. The fish scale (sausages) is twins favourite. Cannot let them see this pic! I cannot duplicate like that.

  7. Thanks Ladies for your comments. ;)

    Try pan fry egg (omelette). Easier. Steam Egg - a bit tricky leh.