Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mango Smoothie

My hubby and my son love mango. It's their number one favourite fruit. I bought two huge mangoes (almost 1 kg each) from the supermarket because their were on promotion and was really cheap ($3+ each). I decided to use some to make smoothie with some of the milk left in the fridge. What can I say? It was delicious!

What I did was blend 300ml Fresh Milk with 400g Cubed Mango together and about 8 ice cubes. Once it's smooth, pour it in a glass and ... tada! Home-made Mango Smoothie! Oh! Don't forget to top with some Mango cubes for that extra bite.

You don't have to add ice cubes. I just want it less thick. And if your mango is sour, add some extra fine sugar or syrup to the blending. Okay, go grab some mangoes and a carton of fresh milk now!


  1. my hubby loves mango too. too bad it is hard to find decent mangoes in melbourne.

  2. wow we all love mangoes but twins can't take chill stuff, sigh... So can only eat out when they not watching. hehe...

  3. Val,
    I've been to melborne many years ago and the fruits there were SWEET!!! Can't remember the name of the platation we went but there was this really huge pineapple there. My God! The pineapples were so sweet, we thot they were canned pineapples!! I dont remember abt mangoes though. :p

    Ai yo! What a waste! I think they would have like this drink.

  4. Hey.. i have been looking for huge mangoes. They realli taste nicer than those smaller ones sold in NTUC. May i know where u bought those mangoes?

    Thnks. =P

  5. Leo,
    It depends. Some mangoes are seasonal. The one here are from Australia. They are very sweet and big but expensive too. I bought them from a fruit stall at my place. They are seasonal. The thai mangoes are more commonly available.

  6. Man I tried this and may I just Say this Recipe was HORRIBLE!! Man you simply have no taste buds at all! What a waist of my time how you did this too me you rotten mango machine! I love mangos but you just ruined the delightful mango known to man kind! you ROTTEN MANGO GIRL!! Know All My FAMILY HATES YOU AND MANGOS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU ROTTEN MANGO GIRL! yOU SUCK!

  7. Why Hello, you are the most horrible person to ever make a smoothie.
    Good bye,

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  9. Anon, Sammy, George, aren't you 3 the same person? Well, thanks for 'waisting' your time commenting 3 times.