Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Meal using Leftovers

Most the dishes here were cooked using leftovers. Not leftovers leftovers. *blur* We don't take leftover food. The ingredients used were part of the ingredients used for other dishes. I didn't want to waste them so I used them here.

Let's see what we have here .....

Snakehead (fish) marinated with a teaspoon of light soy sauce, wrapped with a basil leaf, dipped with batter and pan fried. Crispy on the outside and juicy inside with a light aroma from the Basil.

Reserve egg ... have you seen white egg yolk and yellow egg white? No egg white were used here. Got my son thinking which bird lay this type of egg. Nah, he knew I made it!

These flowers were really Squid. The squid was cut into thick rings and sliced close to the edge then stuff with minced pork with some fish paste. Decorate with vegetable and steamed till cooked. Add a pinch of salt before you steam it if you like. The leaves here were (slightly) pan fried Basil. Crunchy!


  1. That was interesting meal. Fish with basil, hmm...must be nice. I didn't like basil until I ate a unique chicken basil dish at a Thai Restaurant. The basil was deep fried. I am in love with basil since then.

  2. not wasting any leftover ingredient, thumbs up! :-)

  3. Linda,
    Yah, fried basil is very crunchy. My son will eat bcos the smell is not as strong as fresh basil. ;)

    Thanks. ;)

  4. wahh....this is really creative, i like the sotongs kekeke

  5. Jazzmint,
    Thanks! ;) You like? Can make for yourself then! :)