Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Black Pepper Squid

I couldn't get over the Black Pepper Crayfish I cooked yesterday and I just eat it again. Sooo, I just had to cook it again today but with squid, which was suppose to be for another dish.

Squid taste nice with black pepper. I had cooked Grilled Squid with Black Pepper some time back. Grilled squid is tough with overcooked. The one is just nice - chewy but tender.

For this dish, I cut down the black pepper to 2 tablespoons and chilli was not added too. Oh, I also reduced the water to just 2 tablespoons as this doesn't need too much cooking to get the flavours in it. You can do the same if you are using Prawns.

In case you are wondering how I cut the squid, I sliced across the squid leaving about a centimeter from the edge. It looked like the squid had lots of rings attached. After which, I half it. When you fried it, it will curl and look like a flower, pretty.

Okay, enough. No more black pepper dish for me liao.


  1. i was wondering why there are only pics and no recipies, so this is where all the recipies are. :-)


  2. Golfmum,
    Hahaha ... you didnt know all the photos I post in Multiply are linked here for the recipes? No too late. ;) Hope you enjoy them!

    Thanks! Yes that are well seasoned. Spicy every bite! :p

  3. loooks good good good! mmm in my tummy