Friday, May 31, 2013

Little Lunch Box #54

It's swimming day and the last day of school. "Yay" for the kids and "Nay" for me. :P It's going to be a noisy and chaotic June for me. :P

I'm trying to finish the pack of buns I bought, so it's burger for my daughter again.

To make this, I carefully slitted and removed part of the 'skin' on the bun. I reused that for the eyes, nose and the markings on the tummy. I dabbed some chocolate spread on the markings so it can stick on.

I used stick biscuits for the ears and angel hair spaghetti for the whiskers. The white part of the eyes are made out of cheese.

This time, I didn't get complains from my daughter for turning her food into some animals as Totoro is one of her favourite cartoon characters. I'm just glad that it was convincing enough for her and she didn't say it was an owl. ;P

So, I hoped you have everything planned for the kids for this school holidays. Have fun (not so fun for the parents :P) and don't tire yourself out!

Happy school holidays everyone! ;)


  1. I was amused with its first instance. I love to eat stick biscuits. I also like your creativity and I will give it a try in various Indian Food Recepies