Thursday, May 2, 2013

{ Fried Rice in Egg Pocket }

This is one of those days that mummy becomes lazy and doesn't wish to do much cooking. It will always be simple 'one pot' dinner. In this case, it's fried rice.

The kids seldom complain about fried rice because I always use their favourite ingredients to cook it. I cooked today's fried rice with french beans, crab-stick, tofu fish-cake and dried scallops. I seasoned it with fish sauce, salt and a little chicken powder. And of course with lots of roasted garlic.

The fried rice is served in an egg pocket. It is very easy to do it. Just cook an beaten egg in an oiled frying pan (to prevent it from sticking and not to fry it). Spread it as much as you can but not too thinly. Remove the egg crepe when it is cooked. You don't have to flip it to the other side during cooking.

Fit the egg crepe in a small bowl, eg. rice bowl. Make sure the egg crepe touches the bottom of the bowl. It is better to have egg crepe hanging out of the bowl. You will find out why as you read on. Next, scoop some fried rice into the bowl (where the egg crepe is) to the rim. Now, fold the excess egg crepe over the rice. It may not necessary cover all the rice, just some part of it. Place a plate over the bowl and flip it over. Remove the bowl and viola!

You may wish to decorate or write using tomato sauce or any other sauce on it or simply slice it like me before serving.


  1. how do i refer to your recipe for the happy-box and kiddy meals?

    can't seem to see the recipe at all


    1. The happy-box and kiddy meals are more as meal suggestion. Unless the meal itself requires a recipe, I will post it. Otherwise there wont be any. If you need help on any of the meals. You can let me know. I will try to help.

  2. why dont we need to flip the egg to the other side? wont the side that is not flipped be too wet?

    1. It's spread out. The egg crepe is not thick. You can tell if it's too wet cos it's facing up. I didn't flip it but you can do it if your egg crepe is thicker and you fine it raw.