Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Lunch Box #52

I prepared sort of a balanced meal for my daughter's lunch box today. It has rice, vegetable, tofu and fish (paste) in it.

I mashed a tube of egg tofu with fish paste and spread it on a egg crepe. Next I sprinkled chopped blanched vegetable (I used choy sum here) and  chopped crab-stick all over. Then I roll it up.

Steam it till the roll is completely cooked. If you have a Happy Call Pan, you can use that to cook as it will be drier and easier to work with the rice later.

Meanwhile spread some rice on a sheet of cling wrap and gently press to stick them together. Cool the cooked egg roll then place on the edge of the rice and roll it together with the help of the cling wrap. Make sure you blot off the oil or liquid from the egg roll. Use the cling wrap to secure and keep the rice and egg roll together. The cling wrap will be like the nori on a maki. ;) Twist the ends to keep it in shape. Use a sharp knife to slice the roll.

I prepared a roll which was divided into 8 slices. So I gave half of it to my daughter's friend. The girl's grandma was happy that she ate all up cos she doesn't like veggies. I guess it's more acceptable for kids to eat their greens if it's presented in a different way or mixed with something they like. :)

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