Friday, May 3, 2013

Little Lunch Box #50

It's Friday again. Time flies. The kids have gone thru 6 swimming lessons. Another 6 more lessons and that will be end of the school swimming programme. I doubt the kids are looking forward to that.

Every Friday, when I'm in school to help out, I can see the kids' eager faces. They just couldn't wait to board the bus to get to the swimming venue and get wet.

Today, the boys were so rowdy that one of the teachers in charge 'punished' them by holding them back. That almost made one of the boys burst into tears. That's how much they wanted to play swim.

I didn't plan what to prepare for today's lunchbox the night before as the kids were giving me problems last night and I was too upset to want to think about it.

I only had half an hour to prepare the lunchbox this morning (including cooking the rice; and taking photos of them :P). I knew I didn't have time to think what to do, hence I prepared what comes in mind and this was something similar to what I have done before.

I sprinkled Furikake on the rice before I placed the crab stick on it to roll it. The rice roll was then place on sheet on egg crepe to roll before slicing. If you want the egg crepe to stick, you have to place the rice roll on the egg crepe when it's stick cooking. You can refer to this video for the instructions on how to do it.  The sides are cocktail chicken sausages and edamame.


  1. thats looks so good. I wouldn't mind opening such a lovely bento at work. Definitely spruces up a dreary work day.

  2. Dear mummy,
    wow... your efforts to make home cooked food is so impressive. It is very inspirational. Wish your kids good health with all the sterling effort mummy is putting in.

    another trying her best mummy