Saturday, June 8, 2013

{ Dried Scallop Fried Rice }

Fried Rice. This is one of the meals I cook often when I am busy lazy. The kids seldom complain about having this for any meal of the day unless it's with ingredients they don't like. Then again, I have difficult kids ... Here, my daughter complains about the baby corn and my son complains about the peas. =_=|| BUT, they still have to eat them, like it or not. :P

Their favourite fried rice is Garlic Fried Rice. Nothing much in there but lots of garlic which is both's favourite. Have you heard of kids who love eating fried or roasted garlic as tibits? I have 2 at home.

Anyway, for this Scallop Fried Rice, I made and used my own Scallop XO Sauce to go with it. I left out the sliced mushroom and chilli for the XO sauce so it's easier for the kids to eat. And of course I have to add their favourite kanimi surimi. Nowadays, they prefer I use imitation snow crab legs instead of the usually crabsticks. =_=|||

Did I just make an easy meal sounds complicated?

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