Monday, October 13, 2008

Lunch Box #1

Okay, call me a Kiasu (fear or losing) Mum. I'm learning how to prepare lunch box for my son who's going to Primary 1 next year. I'm trying out the ways of packing the lunch box, what I can pack and how much to pack in it. So I'm starting a new label, Happy Box, here.

It will be pretty much the same as those labelled Happy Meal except these will be packed in a box (obviously), which I think is a lot harder to do. I'll still make Kid's dinner for my daughter who is 'smart' enough not to be taken in by all the cute looking food. I think she find them weird and non-food like to be eaten. Yes, I'm still trying very hard to make her eat food other than her few favourite food. I have been recycling food ideas I did for my son for my daughter and so far I haven't been successful.

I'll think of new food ideas when I have finished trying out the old ones. Back to my lunch box ideas. My son requested to have Japanese Curry today and so I thought why not try to let him have it in a lunch box instead?

So this is my first simple and straight forward lunch box. It has meat balls and Japanese Curry. The results ... this lunch box is too small for him - he needs an extra serving of it. I use Glad Press 'n' Seal's multipurpose sealing wrap to cover the curry and it works well; no leaks. But I guess I can't use this lunch box. I must keep in mind to use 2 separate lunch box instead when I do make this for his lunch.


  1. wah..... really "kiasu", huh?

  2. Wow... that's a great idea for preparing lunchbox for kids... thanks for sharing... :)

  3. wow... this is a great idea.
    hahah your boy's future classmate will be so envious. and this way, you can monitor what he eats :)

  4. I prefer to put soupy/ liquidy food in thermos. The thermos keeps the food at right temperature and less likely to spill in the sch bag too.

    there is now child-size thermos with extra containers to hold side-dishes/rice sold in the store.

  5. So fast your boy will be Pri 1 next year. That would be great if he can have home cooked lunches in school. :):)

  6. this i have tried something simlar before... i just love it ..By the way i am Portuguese...but your dishes just make me salivate. If we lived close I would suggest me cooking for you and your family once and you cooking for me ..would that be great... keep cooking..i'll keep following your blog.

  7. wah! this is great. I can "curi" more ideas from here.

  8. Skinnymum,
    ;P Must try-try and see what he like to eat mah.

    Don't mention it.

    Maybe his classmates will have lunchboxes too? ;)

    I wished I could do that but my son is VERY forgetful. I dont want him to lose the thermos. :P Plus I worry it might add to the weight to his already very heavy school bag. :(

    I'll try my best to prepare for him. I have been to his school canteen and I doubt he will eat much there.

    Haha .. if only we live close. :D Thank you!

    :) Be my guest!

  9. I'm so glad i "bump" into your blog! My son is attending nursery next year and I have to pack lunch for him. You can't imagine how grateful I am for all your lunch box recipes. Thanks for sharing them and I look forward to future ones! :-)

    House Elf