Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cheesy Surf and Turf

Lately, there's a change in taste of fried food for my kids. They don't want me using breadcrumbs; not even Panko. So what do I use here you ask? (Powdered) Parmesan Cheese. They sure got expensive taste buds. It was all my fault actually. There other day, I ran out of Panko so I experiment using Parmesan Cheese on my Chicken and they loved it. I didn't really like it though. I find it a little bit too bland. The seasoning wasn't done very well. You will hear from me about that when I improve on it. ;) Anyway, after that, they have been asking for anything to be fried using Cheese and not Panko or breadcrumbs.
Cheese Crust Chicken
I had intended to use the fish and prawns for something else and my son said he wanted to eat at Long John Silver's. I told him I will that do for him :P and we can save the money. But of course, my meal doesn't comes with Coke ;) which is what he wanted most. Hahaha ... So to make things difficult for me, he wanted me to use Cheese for the crust. Rrright. So I'm spending more money now? Lucky for me, I bought the Parmesan Cheese during a sale and it was one for one. :) I didn't give the seafood much seasonings. Too much might mask the taste of light cheesy crust. Just some light soy sauce and pepper 15 minutes before I'm ready to cook. Then dip them in the following order ... Cornflour (dusting), beaten egg, (Powdered) Parmesan Cheese and straight into the hot oil for frying till golden brown. Drain them on paper towel for the excess oil and you can have them straight. We like it without any sauce. So, if you ran out of breadcrumbs and have Parmesan Cheese to spare, try this out for a change.
Cheese Crust Fish Fillet and Prawns


  1. Ooo... looks yummy!!
    Well, I don't quite like breadcrumbs. I can try this out one day...

  2. try using pretzels ground in the processor

  3. Great idea! And pretzels sound interesting too!

  4. You really are a cooking genius wokkingmum :D and your kids are sure discerning! hehe

  5. Hi WokkingMum, the Cheese Crust Fish Fillet looks absolutely mouth-watering. :)

  6. I am one of your blog followers. I think this chicken really is asking to be eaten, so suculent and yet so cheesy. "brilliant"
    A bit like my blog

  7. such a good idea! great dinner idea for the weekend. thanks for sharing!

  8. wow! so yummy! will ask my hubby Ming to try these some day :D

    - Ling

  9. Wonderful Life,

    Sounds great! Thanks for the idea!

    Family First,
    Yeah, must try it out.

    Nah, it's just with kids like mine, I have to keep thinking of 'tricks' to make them eat.


    Haha ... thanks!

    You're welcome.

    Your hubby cooks? Woah!!! How wonderful! Lucky you!