Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lunch Box #3

Opps. It's another Lunch Box post. :P I'm cooking fried rice today and thought it will be a good lunch box idea. This is a rather common lunch box, omu-rice . It's basically egg over rice. I believe the authenic way is to have the rice wrapped in the egg. I wouldn't want to go through the haste of doing that for 2 reasons. It needs more eggs and the kids won't appreciate the effort of doing it. They will just cut the egg and eat it whichever way I do it. :P So, here's my simple version of omu-rice . I'm not using over-night rice hence the rice is a bit more moist but we prefer it that way. It's softer. All the ingredients are my son's favourite except for the hon-shimeiji. ;) You decide what you want in your rice To have the egg cover the rice, you first cook the egg. Have slight over half an egg hanging out the lunch box. Adjust the remaining to fitting nicely in the box. Spoon the fried rice into the box sitting on the egg. Flip the rest of the egg over then use a spoon to gently push the edge of the egg to the sides to tuck them in. And there you have it. :)


  1. i like this easier and healthier (less egg), but look as good omu rice. ingenious!

  2. Your fried rice really looks good leh. May I ask where you learn to use all those japanese ingredients? I wish to start "bentoing" too! And I would also like to pass you an award from my blog, hope you like it.

  3. i like the mushroom.... what is it called?

  4. I make egg wrap rice too .. but like you say, it is really not worth the effort, cos my kids just eat the rice and tear the egg without even looking. hahaha.

  5. wow.. i like your lunch box. so cute and look so delious.

  6. even the simple fried rice looks yummy!! Sigh i dont dare tell ppl i can cook now!

  7. Skinnymum,
    Thanks. I think it's a good balance. ;)

    Family First,
    I see alot from the Net and Books. Learn from there. ;) Do start making bento. It's fun and I bet your kids will love it too! Thanks for your award!

    The white cap ones are called Shimeiji and the brown ones, hon-shimeiji.

    Hahaha ... your kids too?!

    Blessed Couples, Mochachocolate Rita
    Thank you!

    Ju Ann,
    Thanks. Nah, I'm sure yours is as good. You are too modest. :)

  8. Hi Wokking Mum,

    You bet. Esp I mould the rice into the star and heart shape mould gotten from diaso. My girl even has the cheek to ask me "mummy, can I squash the rice now?" .. luckily those are easily done. See lah! *sigh*

  9. Ah... I think the Malay version is called Nasi Pattaya..